W1AEX Index Page


W1AEX and the Giant Cactus

Studio A and B Station Pictures

The IMD Hall of Infamy

ANAN 100 by Apache Labs

Setting TX Audio Gain in OpenHPSDR mRX PS

OpenHPSDR mRX PS - Preset CFC Transmit Profiles

Ameritron ALS-600 Quirks

Free Custom OpenHPSDR Skins

Fichten Field Day - FiFi SDR

Genesis Software for FiFi SDR

Custom Skins for Genesis SDR

Kenwood TS-590S TX Audio

Yaesu MH-59A8J Modification

Homemade Open Wire Feedline

Free Custom Skins for PowerSDR

Setting TX Audio Gain in PowerSDR

AM Transmit Checks Using PowerSDR

FT897(D) Idling Current Adjustment

Yaesu FT8900 MH-48A6J Modification

IC-756 Pro III Audio and the AM Mode

Resurrecting the E.F. Johnson Viking III

Easy to Build Broadband Receive Loop

AL-80B Eliminating the Dynamic Bias

Tactics for Resolving Power-line Noise

  '99 Jeep Mystery Ignition Noise Problem

  The Cheap Station Microphone Project

My VHF-UHF Jeep Mobile Installation

Some Simple Strategies for Phone RFI

My Quad Core Fire Breather Project

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