OpenHPSDR mRX PS Preset Transmit Profiles

Right click on the links below and choose the "Save As" option to download a profile.      ...This profile uses a transmit filter setting of 2900 to 100 for a bandwidth of 2800 (2.8k). This is compliant with the 60 meter band requirements. The CFC components are utilized.
       ...This 2800 (2.8k) profile uses the CFC components as well as COMP and CESSB. The ALC Max Gain feature is utilized with a setting of 3dB. It sounds very loud and penetrating.     ...This profile uses a transmit filter setting of 3100 to 100 for a bandwidth of 3000 (3.0k). The CFC components are utilized.     ...This profile uses a transmit filter setting of 3050 to 50 for a bandwidth of 3300 (3.3k). The CFC components are utilized.     ...This profile uses a transmit filter setting of 5000 to 0 for a bandwidth of 10000 (10k) with the AM mode. The CFC components are utilized.

To import a profile that you have downloaded, click on "Import Database" at the bottom of the OpenHPSDR menu and then browse to the download location on your hard drive as shown in the image below. Select the profile, and then click on "Open".


The new automatic profile utility will import the transmit profile into the correct part of your database.xml file. Note that OpenHPSDR mRX PS will shut down and prompt you to restart OpenHPSDR mRX PS each time you import a transmit profile.


Note that if you are using a microphone that requires the 20dB boost option you will need to enable that option manually and then save the profile. Also, if the ALC Comp meter does not show several dB of ALC compression during normal speech, an easy way to increase the over-all gain going into to the CFC components would be to increase the Leveler Max Gain setting from the default 5 to a slightly larger value. As an alternative, you could increase the CFC POST GAIN slider until you see the desired ALC Comp response. For the SSB 2.8k DX profile you would use the ALC Max Gain setting to alter the amount of ALC Comp that is present. Remember to save the TX Profile when you have things set the way you want them.

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